Renova ZERO POD System

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The webpages and related online sales are operated by our authorized distributor, [SHENZHEN CITY FLOURISHING LAND TECHNOLOGY LTD ]. All purchase orders placed on these webpages are processed by this authorized distributor.

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11 reviews for Renova ZERO POD System

  1. Robert F Wozniak

    The reason I started using this product was to help with my adventure in, quiting cigarettes. It has worked amazingly well. It worked so well that I have not smoked nor purchased a cigarette in over 3 months. I have tried many smoking cessation/vaping devices. Though, the Renova Vaporesso Zero paired with the VGOD’s Cubano SaltNic gives me, “THE BEST” tasting and truest/smoothest pulls/hits/drags on this planet. The taste is unbelievably better than a cigarette. I loved it so much I bought two of them.

  2. danny_w490152002 (verified owner)

    I bought this product to try and quit smoking, after a week of using the vapiing device from Renova , I am very pleased with the results already, I was at a 2 pack a day habit I am now down to no more purchashing cigerattes at all
    very pleased with the product, and I really like the flavor of the mixed berry juice with the renova vape, thank you
    dan woodman

  3. izannahb1 (verified owner)

    So glad I found the Renova Zero! I’ve used other vape pens and devices but found the pod systems preferable for their ease of use and convenience. The Zero takes that ease to an entirely new level. Refilling the pods with the PTF system literally takes seconds and they are so well designed. I love the smooth pull, not too restrictive, just enough air…gives really great full flavor and a satisfying cloud for such a tiny device. Truly impressed with the battery life and how fast it charges, I don’t have to be without my new favorite vape for very long at all. Great product, highly recommended.

  4. frao87 (verified owner)

    After trying many pod systems on the market I have found the best. The Zero is everything you could want in a pod system. Great flavor, great battery life, fast charging, stylish design and very satisfying hit. This device will be the reason I quit smoking. Thank you Renova Zero.

  5. kennyshults (verified owner)

    I found used another small vape device for the last few years, and wanted to get one I could use at home to save money by not having to purchase so many pods. I got the Renova because the design is so sleek, but when I got home and started using it I felt like it was too goo to be true. It’s ALL I want to use now, and now I rarely use the other. It just works so well, and is way more satisfying to use. I really felt like the price was a mistake or something, since the other device I used was so much more expensive, and required that I get very expensive pods. I immediately went online and ordered another one. In case the price was an accident I wanted to take advantage of the mistake, or at least get another in case the low price was just an introductory one. I love this thing, and I think it will surpass the success of the other one I use(d). Nice work guys!

  6. ashley.jlp (verified owner)

    I purchased the rainbow zero pod system and I have been very pleased that I did! I love the portability and ease of use with this system, but I wish the pods would last longer before the coil going bad. Overall it’s amazing! Just my complaint about the coil! I take this vape with me everywhere! The rainbow model is awesome !

  7. fernabrazil (verified owner)

    Amazing!! After all kind of therapy’s to quit smoking, zero pod makes me quit smoking cigars and start enjoying vaper on…
    It’s beautiful, little and easy to go

  8. kyle.king.iii (verified owner)

    I made the switch to the Renova Zero on the recommendation of a friend. I was using another pod based vape product (that will go unnamed), and the price and availability were becoming prohibitive. I tried his, and immediately ordered my own online. After making the switch, I’ve found that the build quality and flexibility of the Zero are excellent. The pods last for quite a while, and I’ve experienced few of the quality control issues (leaking) that the big unnamed pod vape corp suffers from. Highly recommended!

  9. rodney1carter (verified owner)

    This device is by far the easiest to use and the pod makes changing so easy and it’s somp to fill. The size is convenient and it’s fits neatly in your pocket and charging us fast and rapid.
    Using this device has allowed me to throw away the cigarettes for good. I am Healther and smell fresher. Thank you Vaporesso and Renova.

  10. michaelmatthew_0203 (verified owner)

    I am new to the world of vaping. A family member gave me one of his extra Renova Zeros to hold me over until I figured out what larger unit (mod kit) I decided on. I had no other prior vaping devices to compare the Zero to but I have no desire to stay. I appreciate everything about this device from its design, color options, convenient shape and size that seems to drop perfectly into the smaller pocket adjacent to the hand pockets of all my pants. I’m not very hands on or tech savvy and it could not be anymore user friendly. I’ve seen other devices and they aren’t very eyecatching. The Renova Zero’s design is levels above others I’ve seen and I gotta imagine its inner workings and simple, user friendly mechanics are as well. Wouldn’t change a thing.

  11. cherylw6352 (verified owner)

    I just started vaping and I am very happy with the Renova Zero. It is very user friendly. I would just like to know where I can purchase the E-juice filling bottles?

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