Prize:5 zeros for 5 winners

Don’t know where to buy a Renova Zero? Here is a chance to get it for free!

How it works

  1. Look for the Zero in local vape shops. If you can’t find a Zero in 3-5 vape shops, post pictures of all the stores you’ve visited on your Instagram. Make sure you’re in the picture!
  2. Use hashtag #LookForRenovaZero in your post.
  3. Tag @renova_vapor and @ all the vape shops you’ve visited.
  4. 5 winners will be picked.

Activity Time: Sept. 22 to Sept.28
Announcement Time: Sept. 29
Prize: A Renova Zero

Follow us on Instagram to see the winner annoucement and look out for new #LookForRenovaZero activity each week. If you can’t find 5 vape shops in a week, you can save the picture(s) of the vape shop(s) you’ve already visited and try again the following week.