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We offer one of the best paid affiliate commissions in the vaping industry!

renovavapor.com is one of the best refillable pod brand. Our customer base remains as one of the most loyal and vibrant amongst the industry. We offer a robust affiliate program with dedicated affiliate account management alongside support and assistance to ensure the greatest level of success for all affiliates and partners within our program.

Highlights of our program

1. Average Order Price of $45 USD depending on the season
2. Strong Conversion Rate (One of the highest EPCs in the vaping industry)
3. Best professional refillable pod brand
4. Free Shipping if order equal to or above $39.99 USD
5. Highly Trained and Professional Dedicated Affiliate Account Management
6. Payment will be sent via PayPal monthly with $50 USD minimum payout!
7. Best of all, we offer 12% commission on every order, every time the customer has made the purchase through your Renova affiliate link, one of the best offers in the industry!
8. Cookie length is now 30 days!

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If you have any questions about our affiliate program, please feel free to contact us via zoe.wang@renovavapor.com

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